Scale of Points

Type and colour ( body and thighs 10, back, breast, wings, tail, legs 8 each, neck 3 )    53
Carriage    12
Size    10
Head ( skull, eyes and brows 3 each beak, wattles lobes comb 2 each )    17
Condition    08
Total    100


The Indian Game fowl is in no way allied to the English Game fowl. Hence, it is not recognized as a true Game bird in the Fancy, that is, unless classes are specially provided for the breed it must compete in the ‘Any other variety’ classes and not in those set aside for ‘Game’, consult Poultry Club Show Rules.

                 Scales of Point Bird 1                                                    Scales of Point Bird 2


Crooked breast or toes. Flat shins. Rusty hackles. Bad shape. Heavy feathering. White in hackles. Smallness of size. Long legs and thighs. Twisted hackle.


Male: Crooked back, beak and legs. Wry or squirrel tail, in-knees, bent legs and flat sides. Single or Malay comb. Red hackles. Additionally in the female too light, too dark or mealy ground colour, and defective markings.