Double Laced Blue


General characteristics

Male Plumage

Lower throat, breast, thighs, belly fluff and tail even blue which can range from pigeon to dark blue, evenness of shade taking precedence. A slight edging of a darker shade round feathers permissible. Head, neck hackles, saddle, back and wing bows a darker shade of blue to the remainder of body, slightly broken with dark bay, this being mostly covered giving an overall impression of dark slate-blue, under-colour pale blue-grey. Wing primaries blue to match main body colour with a fine chestnut outer edge, secondary’s blue inner web, bay outer web, forming a solid bay triangle when the wing is closed; wing bar blue to match the main body.

Female Plumage

Head, neck hackles and tail even dark slate-blue. Lower neck hackles may be slightly broken in the centre with dark bay, but this not showing through. The remainder of the body to be chestnut to mahogany-brown ground colour, evenness of utmost importance. Each feather is to be laced with two concentric rings of clear even blue, lighter in shade to the neck and tail. Lacing’s to be as crisp as possible and encircle the feather completely, must not be crescent shaped, too heavy or run into each other. A third blue marking in the centre base of the feather producing triple lacing is desirable. Lacing to cover the whole remainder of the body, including tail coverts and extending to the thighs, but becoming indistinct into the belly fluff and round the vent, where it becomes even blue. Under-colour pale blue-grey. Wing primaries even blue with a little fine chestnut peppering on inner web; secondary’s inner web blue, outer web to match body ground colour, with a clear lacing of blue round the outer web; wing bar double laced to match the remainder of the body. In both sexes: Beak yellow, horn or horn striped with yellow. Eyes pearl to pale red. Face, comb, wattle and ear-lobes rich red. Legs rich orange or yellow, nails to match beak.

Weights, scale of points and defects and disqualifications as Dark Indians.