Large Fowl

Large Indian Game

Origin: Great Britain

Classification: Heavy: Hard feather

Egg colour: Tinted

General characteristics: Male

Carriage: Upright, commanding and courageous, the back sloping downwards towards the tail. A powerful and broad bird, very active, sprightly and vigorous.

Type: Body very thick and compact and very broad at the shoulders, the shoulder butts showing prominently, but the bird must not be hollow backed, the body tapering towards the tail. Back flat and broad at the shoulders, but the bird must not be flat sided. Elegance is required with substance.

Breast wide, fairly deep and prominent, but well rounded, and rising to the vent. Wings short and carried closely to the body, well rounded at the points, closely tucked at ends and carried rather high in front. Tail medium length with short narrow secondary sickles and tail coverts, close and hard and in line with the back.

Head: Of medium length and thick, not so keen as in English Game, nor as thick as in the Malay, somewhat beetle browed but not nearly as much as in the Malay. Skull broad.

Beak well curved and stout where set on the head giving the bird a powerful appearance.

Eyes full and bold. Comb is pea type, i.e. three longitudinal ridges, the centre one being double height of those at sides, small closely set on the head. Ear-lobes and wattles small, smooth and of fine texture.

Neck: Of medium length and slightly arched; hackle short, barely covering base of the neck.

Legs and feet: Legs very strong and thick. Thighs round and stout, but not as long as in the Malay. Shanks short and well scaled. The length of shank must be sufficient to give the bird a gamey appearance. Feet strong and well spread. Toes long, strong, straight, the back toe’ low and nearly flat on ground, nails well shaped.

Plumage: Short, hard and close.

Handling: Flesh firm.

General characteristics: Female

The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences. The tail, however, which is well venetianed but close, is carried low but somewhat higher than the male’s.