2020 Scottish National

2020 Scottish National – Judge Adele Stanley

Large Dark Cock or Hen – 3 entries all penned.
1. N. Park – (F) Best Large

Nice type, good head and good in hand. Lacking slightly in bone.

2. N. Park (M)

Great bone and width. Good green sheen. Excessive comb and very unbalanced stance.

3. N. Park (F)

Poor tail carriage and poor lacing

Large Dark Cockerel or Pullet.
2 entries non penned

Large Jubilee M or F
No entries

Large Blue Laced M or F
No entries

Dark Bantam Cock
No entries

Dark Bantam Hen – 1 entry
1. J. Dunbar.

Good leg colour, nice head and decent bone. Light ground colour a bit soft in hand and shafting in feather.


Dark Bantam Cockerel – 4 entries all penned
1. C&K. Norman – Best Bantam and Best Indian.

Handled well, well feathered, strong round bone and nice comb and head

2. C&K. Norman

Similar type to 1st. Poorer comb and square shanked

3. J. Dunbar.

Very much lighter in hand to 1 and 2. Poor bone but good leg colour

4. S. Noble.

Lacking bone and type overall


Dark Bantam Pullet – 5 entries 2 penned
1. C. Booth.

Slightly small. Good shape and lacing but a poor head

2. Smith & Roberts.

Poorly laced and broken flights

Jubilee Bantam Cock
No entries

Jubilee Bantam Hen.
1 entry not penned

Jubilee Bantam Cockerel
1 entry not penned

Jubilee Bantam Pullet
No entries

Blue Laced Bantam M or F
No entries